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» Non-flammable electrolytes for lithium batteries

» On the nature of lithium dendrites

» Drug capture device for chemotheraphy treatment


» Exploding Lithium-Ion Batteries, Nitash on ABC-7 On Your Side

» Irritation from Wearable Devices, Nitash on ABC-7 On Your Side

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» Carbon Cycle 2.0: Nitash Balsara: Energy Storage


» Katherine Harry and Nitash discuss Dreamliner battery problems on WNPR Seattle (hit listen)

Awards and Accomplishments

• Dr. Balsara received the secretary of energy award for research work in the JCESR program. More information here

Morgan won a 2021 Microcopy & Microanalysis Student Scholar Award! She presented her work at the M&M 2021 Virtual Meeting. We are so proud of your accomplishment!

Alec won a Best Presentation Award at MRS Fall 2020! Congratulations - you make the Balsara lab proud!

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